ZooMed Crested Gecko Kit

zoomed crested gecko kit

zoomed crested gecko kit

Getting the right equipment for your new exotic pet is essential. We’re experts in helping you decide what’s best for your budget and your pet. To help with this, one of the newest ways to get your exotic pet set up quickly is to buy an “all in one” solution.

ZooMed had put one of these together for the crested gecko and it includes everything you need to create the perfect naturalistic environment for your pet literally out of the box.

The crested gecko kit includes:

Naturalistic Terrarium (30x30x45cm) with removable screen top;
Eco Earth Substrate;
Natural Bush Madagascar Bamboo Plant;
Combo Repti-Rock Food and Water Dishes;
Terrarium Accents Cork Branch;
Juvenile Crested Gecko Food;
Repti-Calcium with D3 Supplement (sample);
Reptivite Supplement (sample);
Crested Gecko Care Booklet.

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