Why Worry About Humidity with Exotic Pets

Every pet owner knows they’ll get the most out of owning an animal if it’s healthy and happy. Exotic pets by their very nature come from climates very different to those in the United Kingdom, some are drier, or hotter or wetter or a mixture of both. This means careful attention is needed when trying to mimic their natural environment at home.

Many popular exotic pets such as Fiji Iguana’s, crested geckos and most of the amphibians come from tropical rainforests which have high humidity and greater temperatures. This means to recreate their natural environment you will need to use additional equipment to achieve this successfully.

The number of products available to do this and help monitor humidity and temperature has increased dramatically in recent years, and they range from entry models to premium multi-tank solutions. These include:

ZooMed repti fogger
Lucky reptile super fog 2
Lucky reptile super rain pro
Lucky reptile super rain 2
Lucky reptile super rain nano
Trixie reptile rain system
Exo terra dial hygrometer
Exo terra digital hygrometer
Lucky reptile dial hygrometer
Lucky reptile thermometer hygrometer pro
Lucky reptile humidity control 2
Zoomed Hygrotherm Humidity and Temperature Controller
Lucky reptile timer

Repti-lisious can provide information and guidance on the best type of equipment you need to keep exotic animals originating from tropical areas.

If you’ve got any questions about the type of environment you need to keep your pet and the different pieces of equipment you need to achieve this then you’re more than welcome to drop into the shops in Rock Ferry, we’d love to see you in person!

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