Wesley the Panther Chameleon

Wesley the Panther Chameleon

Wesley the Panther Chameleon at repti-lisious

Meet Wesley the Panther Chameleon! Wesley today starred in the Liverpool Echo’s “photo of the day”. Wesley lives in the store at Repti-lisious. Originally from the Northern parts of Madagascar panther chamelons live for approximately 5-7 years.

His favourite food is locusts though he’ll also eat  crickets, cockroaches, meal-worms, waxworms and calcium worms.

Male chameleons have the amazing ability to change colour, though they don’t do this to blend into their surroundings as camouflage, it’s actually to do with how happy or sad they are! There are varied colours from greens, reds, oranges, when happy or during mating season to darker colours when annoyed such as dark greens, browns, purples and even blacks!

The good news is chameleons can be kept as pets and we sell baby ones! To keep them happy they do however need a specialist set-up with the right UV lights and heating. Luckily we also sell the set-ups and all the different types of live food.

Why not come and see Wesley or ask us about how we can help you with your panther chameleon? Call repti-lisious today on: 0151 645 6235 or come to our store located at 187 Old Chester Rd, Birkenhead CH42 3TB. Remember to sign up to our newsletter for special offers!


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