Using a Thermostat

These are an essential piece of equipment for any form of heating. They are there to make sure your animals environment is as close to it’s natural habitat as possible and just as importantly protects the animal from over-heating or getting burnt .

Thermostats come in a variety of types and you can’t use the same thermostat for all heating products (doing this may hurt your pet and could be an electrical / fire hazard).

For example:

Mat Thermostat
Are one of the cheapest thermostats which are used to control heat mats. Mats can often be used without thermostats, but a difference in ambient temperature (e.g. in a hot room) can cause the vivarium to become over-heated.

Temperature Thermostat
This is an on / off device (i.e. is on when temperature is too low and off when temperature is reached or exceeded). These commonly have a calibrated dial in celsius or fahrenheit (though we’d recommend checking this as different setups can affect the vivarium temperature). Used to control a larger number of heat mats or heat cable.

Pulse Thermostat
These are used to control non-light emitting heat sources. They work by pulsing with a greater or lesser intensity depending on whether the temperature needs raising or lowering (which is why they cannot be used with bulbs). These therefore control ceramic heaters, heat plates and can be used for heat mats.

Dimming Thermostat
Used to control basking bulbs and work by incrementally increasing or decreasing the amount of power sent to your heating equipment depending on how above or below the temperature is from the one you’ve set. This option gives a more accurate effect than the on / off variety.

Dimming thermostat with day and night facility
Used to control basking bulbs but also acts like a timer so when it goes dark the basking bulb goes off completely.

Digital On/off Temp Thermostat + timer
These thermostats can be used with heat mats, heat cables, ceramic bulbs and heat plates, you can also plug some form of lighting into the timer to create a more natural environment.

Digital on/off temp Thermostat with day / night facility + timer
Used the same as the above but has the ability of having a temperature drop of a night time.

Digital dimming Thermostat with day / night facility + timer
This stat can be used with all the above as well as basking bulbs and again has the ability to have a night-time temperature drop.

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