Trixie Reptile Rain System

It’s important to try and mimic your pet’s natural habitat as much as possible to keep it healthy and happy, and the Trixie Reptile Rain System attempts to get as close to nature as possible by producing rain inside your reptile’s enclosure.

The Trixie Reptile Rain System has the following functions / equipment:

Pump pressure is infinitely adjustable
Filter for water supply taken directly from the terrarium
Special mounting elements for secure attachment of spray heads
Expandable with extra spray heads
Low voltage system for maximum safety
Comes with a 1.7m cable

If you’ve got any questions about the Trixie Reptile Rain System then you’re more than welcome to drop into one of the shops (we have two, one in Rock Ferry the other in Moreton), we’d love to see you in person!

The addresses and phone numbers for both can be found here on our contact page.

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