Trial Handling Session

repti-lisious trial handling session

repti-lisious trial handling session

Try before you buy sessions are designed for individuals who are thinking about buying a specific exotic pet but want to be 100% sure about their purchase beforehand.

The familiarisation session is a great idea as you get to experience your chosen reptile or invertebrate before you make a big commitment which is owning an exotic pet

Each session will last 5 – 10 minutes. We will advise you of your chosen creatures requirements and you can handle one of the same or similar species

Value Cost:
£5 per session. Refundable against any purchase of livestock or equipment from Repti-lisious

As reptile keepers, enthusiasts and specialists we want to make sure you make the correct decision before buying a pet and the right animal for you. We will endeavour to accommodate your requirements where possible!*

We’ve got a really good selection, of animals from snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, amphibians, millipedes, arachnids, insects and much more.*

If you’ve got any questions about our Repti-lisious try before you buy sessions please contact us, either by dropping into the shop or using our contact form – both sets of details can be found on our contact page. Booking is essential as these are popular sessions.

Remember you can also sign up for our Repti-lisious Newsletter which has offers, updates and info on any new arrivals to our Repti-lisious Reptile try before you buy sessions.

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* Note: Due to these being live animals, we cannot guarantee which exotic pets we can bring, but will try and be as flexible as possible.