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free terrapin download

free terrapin download

At repti-lisious we’re really passionate about making sure the animals we sell are looked after correctly and we want to make sure you’re buying a pet you understand and can care for.

We’ve included a Terrapin PDF download about making sure you buy your pet terrapin from a knowledgeable and responsible seller.

Did you know:

Some breeds of terrapin can grow very large (up to nearly half a metre) and need a very big tank to live in.

Aquatic Terrapins need large and complex filtration systems to deal with the waste they produce.

Terrapins can be a longer term commitment than many conventional pets like dogs and cats, living up to 20 years.

Just like tortoises, terrapins need special UVB light to help them maintain their health and wellbeing (they can die or become seriously ill without this).

If you no longer feel you can look after your terrapin it is illegal to simply release it into the wild and you may be prosecuted if you do this.

If you want to talk face to face about terrapins, what you’ll need and how to look after them you’re more than welcome to drop the shop in Rock Ferry, we’d love to see you in person!

The address and phone number can be found here on our contact page on our website.

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