Repton Insect Dusting Supplement 100g

Repton Insect Dusting Supplement 100g from repti-lisious

repti-lisious Repton Insect Dusting Supplement 100g

Keeping your pet healthy and happy means feeding it the correct diet. Sometimes however the feeder insects (crickets / locusts etc) don’t have enough nutrition in them. Gut loading is a means to get around this so they provide additional nutrients to your pet (see our blog post on Gut Loading here).

Designed to correct the poor nutritional value of some feeder insects Repton can be used to “dust” (or coat) feeder insects before they’re fed to your pet and thus pass on important and essential nutrients.

Repton Insect Dusting Supplement 100g At a Glance:

  • High quality, broad spectrum vitamin, mineral and amino acid insect dusting supplement.
  • Ultra fine high quality formulation results in superb and even adhesion to food items, making Repton easy to apply with minimal waste and due to it’s ultra fine formulation ensures excellent adhesion to insects
  • Uniform adhesion of all the contents of the supplement
  • Can be used for Insect dusting supplement for reptiles and amphibians
  • Ultra wide spectrum with 46 balanced nutrients
  • A specific balance of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients

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