Reptile Phobia Session

Repti-lisious reptile phobia session

Repti-lisious reptile phobia session

Do you have fear or phobia of a particular reptile or invertebrate?

Our face your phobia sessions are designed for individuals who want to try and overcome their fear of snakes, spiders, lizards, or just creepy crawlies in general!

As reptile keepers, enthusiasts and specialists we want you to love these creatures as much as we do.

Our “no pressure” phobia sessions allow you to get as close (or as far away) from the object of your fears as you want to. You are in control, and if you’re ready to face your fear, we’re here to help.

If you need to bring someone along for moral support that’s fine – there’s nothing like some moral support from a couple of friends or a family member.

Value cost:
£25 for 30 mins
Max 1 person and 2 supporters

We’ve got a really good selection of animals to help beat your phobias from snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, amphibians, millipedes, arachnids, insects and much more.*

If you’ve got any questions about our Repti-lisious Phobia / Face your fear sessions please contact us, either by dropping into the shop or using our contact form – both sets of details can be found on our contact page. Booking is essential as these are popular sessions.

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* Note: Due to these being live animals, we cannot guarantee which exotic pets we can bring, but will try and be as flexible as possible.