Repti-lisious Incubation Offer

Buying a breeding pair and raising young animals is a great way to take your hobby to the next level. It’s not easy and you need care, attention and the right equipment, but this month we’ve got a great deal on incubators.

To hatch eggs successfully for most species you’ll need an incubator – the purpose of which is to:

  • Ensure the eggs are kept at the correct temperature
  • Make sure the temperature doesn’t fluctuate
  • Keep the eggs safe (i.e. don’t get knocked or damaged)
  • Allow you as a keeper to safely inspect the eggs

The incubator offer is to include:

  • Incubator (Lucky Reptile herp nursery 2 or the zoo med reptibator)
  • Vermiculite
  • Thermometer
  • Tubs
  • Prices start from £145

If you’ve got any questions about incubators and breeding reptiles then you’re more than welcome to drop into the shop in Rock Ferry, we’d love to see you in person!

The address and phone number can be found here on our contact page.

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