repti-lisious Basking Solar Lamps

reptile basklng bulbs

reptile basklng bulbs

We’ve got some exceptional basking lamps in stock at the moment. The info sheet for these basking bulbs can be downloaded here.

These lamps produce essential supplementary UVA to aid well-being and colour vision and should be used alongside a species appropriate Reptile UVB system.

The two bulb solutions are:

The “Basking Solar Spot” lamps have a tight focused beam that will allow for intense heat provision.

The “Basking Solar Flood” lamps will provide ambient heat to an enclosure as a wide flood source.

Remember that there’s lots of different lighting solutions to choose from and you can view more info on these on our “why do reptiles need light” page.

If you’re thinking about getting a reptile, or have one and want to know which basking bulb is the best for you pet  feel free to drop into the shop which is located at 187 Old Chester Rd, Birkenhead CH42 3TB or give us a call now on 0151 645 6235 and we’ll help you out.

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