Repti-lisious Accessory Kits

This month we want to tell you about our new accessory kits. We’ve put these together based on feedback we’ve had from our customers about what they want, and collated the best products for a range of pets. The idea was to pull together key products in one simple pack. Ideal for the beginner and experienced exotic pet keeper alike.

Click on the links below to find out what each accessory pack range contains:

Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit
Bearded Dragon Plus Accessory Kit
Leopard Gecko Accessory Kit
Crested Gecko Accessory Kit
Young Snake Accessory Kit
Insect Accessory Kit

If you’ve got any questions on the repti-lisious accessory kits feel free to drop into the shop which is located at 187 Old Chester Rd, Birkenhead CH42 3TB, give us a call now on 0151 645 6235 or use our contact form on our website.

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