Repashy Grub Pie

Repashy Grub Pie

Repashy Grub Pie

This is a new product which is taking the States by storm. It’s an insect-based gel formula for Insectivorous and Omnivorous Reptiles such as Dwarf Monitors, Bearded Dragons, Tegus, and Blue Tongue Skinks.

It can also be fed as an occasional treat to Herbivores such as iguanas.

Repashy Grub Pie is simple to prepare either on the hob or in the microwave. Once cooled and firmed up it can be moulded. The finished gel can be cut into cubes, shredded, or used as a whole slab.

It can be stored sealed in refrigerator for up to two weeks, and in freezer for up to six months. By adding more or less water to the mixture when preparing will adjust the firmness of the end product, giving you control of what you feed to your pet.

This product is made in the USA and is also not suitable for human consumption

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