Phantom piedbald royal python

Phantom piedbald royal python at repti-lisious

Phantom piedbald royal python

These snakes are a type of “morph” which means they come in a variety of colours and patterns. Common variations of these morphs are Yellow Bellies, Pastels and Pinstripes.

Less common morphs include Bumblebees, Ivory, Lemon Blast, Piebald and many more.

Morphs are created by selective breeding of royal pythons.

Phantom Pied royal morph was first produced in Scotland in 2012 by RD Rintoul Reptiles and UK Exotics. We believe we are the first in England to produce this morph. Further breedings will confirm as it is difficult to identify the genetics.

Phantom Pied royal morphs are pretty much the same to keep as the Royal Python. They’re found in the grasslands of Africa and are one of the smallest python species.

As they’re non venomous and prefer to curl into a ball rather than bite as a defence Phantom Piedbald royal python’s are popular with beginners and are fed on defrosted mice or rats

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