Microclimate Evo-Lite

microclimate evo lite thermostat from Repti-lisious

microclimate evo lite thermostat from Repti-lisious

Microclimate have been offering high end thermostats for some time and have really changed the landscape in terms of look, feel, and quality. They’ve just released this brand new product aimed at reptile keepers with a lower budget. Low budgets don’t mean lower functionality however, this smart device offers:

Touch screen
Day and Night
Data Logging

The user can also customise the display, being able to set a theme colour.

If you’ve got any questions about Microclimate Evo Lite then you’re more than welcome to drop into one of the shops (we have two, one in Rock Ferry the other in Moreton), we’d love to see you in person!

The addresses and phone numbers for both can be found here on our contact page.

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