Lucky Reptile Pro Timer

The Lucky Reptile Pro Timer* is ideal for use with Foggers, Misters and Rain Systems, where short but accurate activation periods are required due to its multiple switching cycles in 15 minute intervals over a 24 hour period.

Other neat features the Lucky Reptile Pro-Timer has:

Can be programmed over a 7-day week period with different settings for weekdays/weekends or even each day if required.
8 freely programmable time slots.
Randomised’ delay period that will cause the normal switching programmes to start between 2 and 32 minutes later than the set time so that some degree of variation can be pre-set
Internal battery retains the settings in the event of a power failure.

Quick switch feature allows the time to be advanced to and from ‘Daylight Saving Hours’ in spring and autumn without affecting the operating times.

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*Note: The maximum load for this product is 3250W. It is not recommended for this timer to be used to switch Metal Halide and Halogen lamps.

Under some circumstances and with some lamp models, the higher demands of these lamps may damage the timer.