Lucky Reptile Humidity Control 2

The Lucky Reptile humidity control 2 comes with a number of essential features which help keep your pet in the most natural environment possible:

It has two circuits which allow for different settings for day and night.
A real-time clock is included which allows switching between day and night mode by time which you can define as desired.
In addition a timer is integrated which allows two ON/OFF settings by real-time clock.
The minimum time period for the timer is one minute.
Alarm function (visual and sound), switching between humidifying and dehumidifying e.g. for use with fans and the possibility to influence the switching of the humidity control. E.g. you can set a value of 15 which means that the humidifier will only start working if the measured humidity is at least 15% below the desired setting (if setting is 70%, it will start not before reaching 55%). This prevents the humidifier turning on and off in quick cycles.
The display constantly shows the measured humidity – the humidity setting can be chosen between 1% and 99%.

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Note: Devices to be controlled are installed through a Schuko coupling. The maximum load is 1000W.