Lucky Reptile Bearded dragon kits

lucky reptile bearded dragon kit

lucky reptile bearded dragon kit

Bearded dragons make excellent beginner exotic pets. They’re hardy and ideal for newcomers. This Lucky Reptile Bearded Dragon kit comes with a great selection of additions to the terrarium to help you keep your pet in ideal conditions:

  • Furni-Tarrium 80x50x50 cm beech
  • Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket PRO
  • Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun 50W
  • Lucky Reptile Light Strip T5 Power
  • Lucky Reptile UV Sun T5 24W
  • Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding
  • Water dish
  • Branches

This terrarium set is designed for raising juveniles, it is not suitable for keeping adult bearded dragons! It is however suitable for chuckwallas, uromastyx and tortoises.

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