Komodo Calcium Cricket Dust 200g

Komodo Cricket Dust 200g at repti-lisious

repti-lisious Komodo Cricket Dust 200g

Making sure your pet has enough calcium is important as it helps build strong bones and guards against conditions such as metabolic bone disease (M.B.D.). Calcium dusting is an easy way to increase the amount of calcium in your pets diet by “dusting” live food such as crickets, locusts and mealworms. It also works well when added lightly to fruit and vegetables.

To dust live food simply add the cricket dust to tub that you buy your live food in or dust them a couple of times a week in the cricket pen.

Note: Komodo Calcium Dusting Powder must be combined with UVB lighting of sufficient quality and/or adequate levels of either dietary or supplementary vitamin D3. See our blog post on why reptiles need light here.

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