Insect Hydration H2O balls

h20 balls for insect hydration sold by repti-lisious

repti-lisious h20 balls for insect hydration

Ensuring live food is healthy is essential for keeping your own pet healthy and happy. Insect Hydration H2O balls are an easy way to make sure your livefood insects have the right level of hydration (for more information about why gut loading is important see our blog post here).

Due to the large number of feeder live food living in a relatively small space (e.g. a cricket pen), feeder insects are at risk from drowning when given water in normal liquid form. This is obviously expensive to you and cruel to the insects.

Insect Hydration H2O balls gets around this issue by trapping pure water in a Anionic polyacrylamide gel, your bugs can’t get trapped in it and drown but they can extract the water. Only a small amount is needed but it’ll need replacing daily.

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