Hognose Snakes

hognose_snakeHognose Snakes (latin name Heterodon Nasicus) are a popular choice for slightly more advanced snake keepers. They are inquisitive snakes and will generally tame down well. They are a manageable size for most keepers with the males growing to 16 inches and the females to 3 feet.

While they can live longer, most captive hognose snakes live for about 18 years. It’s important that this is taken into account when buying a hognose snake, as while they make excellent pets this is a significant lifespan.

Originating in North America they feed exclusively in captivity on rodents (in the wild these are eaten live along with frogs and lizards but in captivity they’re frozen and then defrosted for feeding).

In captivity they need to be fed approximately 4 – 7 days (though this does vary depending on mood and if the snake is shedding) and given clean water ideally every day.

Did you know: Hognose snakes will play dead when threatened by rolling on to their back and gapping with their tongue hanging out of their mouth.

Although they are not harmful to humans, they are considered to be mildly venomous and a bite from a Western Hognose is extremely rare.

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