Corn Snake

repti-lisious corn snake

repti-lisious corn snake

Corn snakes (latin name pantherophis guttatus) are one of the most popular snakes to keep as pets for beginners. They’re docile and easy to handle. While they can grown up to 2m, most are a manageable 1.5m.

While they can live longer, most captive corn snakes live for about 20 years. It’s important that this is taken into account when buying a corn snake, as while they make excellent pets this is a significant lifespan.

Originating in America they feed exclusively on rodents (in the wild these are eaten live, in captivity they’re frozen and then defrosted for feeding).

In captivity they need to be fed approximately once a week (though this does vary depending on mood and if the snake is shedding) and given clean water ideally every day.

Although corn snakes are hardy and easy to keep, they are still an exotic pet and excellent escape artists (as are all snakes) and it is essential that they are kept in the correct environment.

Did you know? In the wild, corn snakes usually only live for about 6 years.

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