Wesley the Panther Chameleon

Wesley the Panther Chameleon at repti-lisious

Chameleons have to be one of the most fascinating creatures in the world, and they make excellent pets!

Originating from Eastern and Northern parts of Madagascar the Panther Chameleon (furcifer pardalis) eats exclusively insects and can grow up to 45 cm.

Ideal for slightly more advanced keepers they live between 5 – 7 years and need to be fed daily. Here’s our resident Panther Chameleon, Wesley who featured in the Liverpool Echo’s photo of the week.

It is a common misconception that chameleons of any kind can change colour to match any colour of their environments. All chameleons have a natural colour range with which they are born, and is dictated by their species. It is affected by temperature, mood, and light. If, for example, the colour red is not within the range of colours to which their particular species can change, then they will never turn red. Panther Chameleons also have 360 degree vision!

You can view a video of one of our Panther Chameleons here.

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