Boa constrictor

repti-lisious boa constrictor

repti-lisious boa constrictor

The boa constrictor (latin name boa constrictor imperator) is an excellent snake for those experienced reptile keepers looking for a larger reptile.

Originating from America they have a varied diet in the wild which includes rodents, wild birds, amphibians, lizards, and even bats! In captivity their sole diet is mice and rats which are usually frozen and then defrosted before feeding.

In captivity they need to be fed between once a week and a month (this varies on the size of the meal) and clean water given ideally every day.

Most captive boa constrictors live for about 30 years. It’s important that this is taken into account when buying a boa constrictor, as while they make excellent pets this is a long lifespan.

Boa constrictors can grow up to 10ft.

Did you know? Unfortunately, after the reticulated python the Boa constrictor is the most common snake killed for its skin.

Remember boa constrictors are an exotic pet and excellent escape artists (as are all snakes) and it is essential that they are kept in the correct environment which repti-lisious can help you with.

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