Beardie Dragon Food Kit

beardie feed growing kit

beardie feed growing kit

Bearded dragons are omnivores which mean they have a wide-ranging diet of insects, small lizards, mammals and fruit / flowers / plants.

A lot of shop-bought salad is low in roughage and can be nutritionally poor. It’s possible to collect wild plants but this has three distinct problems for the exotic pet keeper:

1. Time consuming – especially if you live in a town or city;
2. They may contain potential contaminants from herbicides, insecticides and lead from car fumes;
3. You might pick the wrong plants which could be poisonous to your exotic pet.

Luckily you don’t need to worry about these issues with the ProRep feed growing kit! It has been selected specifically for Bearded Dragons.

The mix of annual and perennial plants can be grown for captive bred reptiles to help provide a year-round source of nutritious plant leaves that gives Bearded Dragons a natural source of essential nutrients to aid healthy growth.

The ProRep feed growing kit is also suitable for other herbivorous reptiles.

The kit contains all of the equipment and seed that you will need to grow 4 trays of plants and can be re-used with the ProRep Beardie Seed Refill Pack available from Repti-lisious! The refill pack contains enough seed for 20 trays of plants but can be used to sow an outdoor enclosure.

If you’ve got any questions about the beardie food kit then you’re more than welcome to drop into one of the shops (we have two, one in Rock Ferry the other in Moreton), we’d love to see you in person!

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