Bearded Dragon Home For Life

bearded dragons at Repti-lisious

bearded dragons at Repti-lisious

The repti-lisious Bearded Dragon home for life is an exciting concept which we’ve introduced and even includes a young bearded dragon!

Essentially the term “for life” means the enclosure size is suitable to house the animal for its whole life – which is great news if you’ve got limited space and wondering about expanding. It is the recommended size for keeping and adult in.

Bearded Dragons (Scientific name : Pogona Vitticeps) make excellent pets for children (though we always recommend appropriate adult supervision) and are great for beginners.

The Bearded Dragon home for life setup includes:

  • Repti Home Maxi Large vivarium
  • Basking kit
  • UV setup
  • Digital thermometer
  • Dimming thermostat
  • Substrate
  • Hide
  • Water dish

Bearded Dragons have a varied diet which includes live food (crickets, locust, cockroach, wax worm, mealworm, and calci worm all of which are available in the shop) and veg. They have a life-span between 7-12 years giving you lots of time to look after, observe and enjoy your pet.

The special offer price for the Bearded Dragon Home For Life is £340.

The Bearded dragon home for life setup is time (and stock) limited, and we’re only able to offer the setup at this price until the end of July 2015.

If you’ve got any questions about our Bearded dragon home for life setup, feel free to drop into the shop which is located at 187 Old Chester Rd, Birkenhead CH42 3TB, give us a call now on 0151 645 6235 and we’ll offer our expert advice. Alternatively use the repti-lisious contact form.

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