Ant farms from repti-lisious

Repti-lisious ant world for sale

Repti-lisious ant world for sale

Ants are one of nature’s most fascinating organisms, and they’re available to buy as pets for all ages*! Ant world allows for hours of fun and has a really good educational side too:

Watch how the ants construct their their nest and dig tunnels

See how they work, feed and communicate

Ants are clean and easy to keep. They’re also very cheap to feed and make a great gift or treat.

Please note: Ants are not included in the kit but you can order your ants from us, contact us for more information.

If you’d like to talk to us about ant farms face to face you’re more than welcome to drop into the shop in Rock Ferry, we’d love to see you in person!

The address and phone number can be found here on our contact page on our website.

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*Ant world is recommended for ages 5 years and over.

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